About US

About DFM

We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals, based in Southeastern, Massachusetts. At Dacius Facilities Management, our clients’ requests are our top priority. We provide customized building maintenance services to our clients. We take pride in delivering top-notch services and also providing excellent customer service for everyone.

DFM - A Smart Choice

We strive to make our client’s life simpler.

We have delivered the best and intend to do the same in the times to come.

We have a team of experienced and educated professionals who are committed to excellence.

Together We Bring Innovation

Our team works on finding ways to bring innovation so we can deliver more effectively and efficiently.

Fulfill Your Objectives

At DFM, we greatly value our relationship with our clients.

This makes us better at taking care of their business needs thus bringing efficiency and effectiveness to every individual, client and company.

Fulfilling objectives is what we do every day for our clients.

Meet The Leader

It’s the people who make the difference. And it is the leader who takes them there and guides them to work as a team.

What We Believe

Our values and beliefs reflect our framework and define who we are. We believe in integrity, professionalism and teamwork.


Our clients trust us. We treat everyone fairly and work in their best interests, and we earn their trust by keeping our integrity intact.


We abide by strict professionalism. We hire individuals who are thorough and wise, and who can play integral roles in our team, thus making us the smartest choice in the industry of building maintenance and handyman services.


We work diligently to reach our goals for our clients. We work as one team and work in the same direction to attain success and excellence.